How To Use Amazon Sponsored Ads

To First Validate Your Private Label Product Then Increase Sales 

Without The Fear of Busting Your Budget

(Even If You’re Brand New To Selling On Amazon)

Can you imagine what it would be like if you had a pair of special “x-ray” glasses that would make any product listing on Amazon turn bright green if a product had potential to sell well?

That would be a valuable set of glasses wouldn’t it?

I bet if you had a pair of those glasses you’d do search after search on Amazon, and make special notes of all of the products that glowed in this special green.

Before long you’d probably hire a VA to do those searches for you and write down all of those listings.  What would that list of private label product ideas do for your business?  It would certainly speed up the process for product validation and provide you with the assurance that the product idea is one to private label.

Well, I have some good news for you…

This Course Provides You With Those Glasses!

The amazing thing is that you’ll be able to identify these products faster and for less money than other strategies out there.

It starts out with data collection to validate your product  – and then an easy way to analyze the data collected -- and then optimizing your listing – and finally to an increase in sales!

All within 30-days!

Here's what this PPC course will do for you

You’ll Learn How To Do Keyword Research

This is where it all starts. I’ll share with you what things you need to do to find your initial keywords for your product. This is important to creating a strong base for your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns.

  • What are ​​​​Keywords?
  • Keywords vs Products
  • What type of keywords do you want to look for?

You’ll Learn How To Create Your Initial Product Listing

Once you have found great keywords to target – it’s all about making sure you have a retail ready product listing to promote sales.

  • How To Crea​​​​te Your Initial Product Listing

We'll go over what items should go into your initial product listing and how the product listing should be structured

  • Getting Customers To Click On Your Listing

What is an easy to read listing
Why use high quality images
Why we need to use competitive pricing

You’ll Learn How To Create Your Sponsored Ad Campaigns

Once you’ve found your keywords and created your listings – we’ll walk you through, step by step, how to structure and set up your ad campaigns.

  • 3 Manual Campaigns 

1 Exact Match
1 Phrase Match
1 Broad Match

  • 1 Auto Campaign 

You’ll Learn How To Limit Your Ad Spend Per Day

How you can set a maximum spend per day across all budgets so that you don’t drain your daily budgets.

You’ll Learn An Easy Way To Interpret The Data Collected

  • Looking for customer search terms that are getting impressions & clicks but are NOT RELEVANT so we can remove those keywords and reduce your ad spend
  • Looking for customer search terms that are RELEVANT, that have low costs and have a decent amount of searches.  We want to test these keywords further for potential other opportunities

You’ll Learn How To Get More Sales

  • Which keywords to focus on moving forward after collecting the data.
  • Where these keywords should be placed in our product listing in order to increase rankings.
  • Optimize our product listing with this new data to entice shoppers to buy even more!
Rob Chrin

Rob Chrin

Rob Chrin began selling on Amazon in 2014 with retail and online arbitrage, but it went slower than he desired. To accelerate the process he joined the program and learned not only how to private label products, but also how to use sponsored ads to both collect data, optimize listings, and make decisions on moving forward with product ideas. Since then, he has put his skills and experience to use teaching others how to achieve success using pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Amazon.


"I just finished the PPC Beta course and I really liked it.  As someone who has never used PPC before I found it very easy to follow and understand.  I felt the pace was good. I really like the step by step screenshots. One thing that I would love to see added would be a downloadable pdf of the action steps he has at the end of each of the modules.

I feel like I can go in using his instructions and set up campaigns with ease, and I will definitely be doing so in the future. "

Beth H.

"I really like how the teacher is explaining everything from start to finish.  Everything he has taught makes complete sense, and easy to understand.  So I’m thrilled about what I am learning and can’t wait to try some of the techniques on some of my new listings I just launched within the last month
(with no ads)."

Jamie R. 

"I love that it is structured and organized. As I have not done PPC before, it is a huge help as I always know that it takes up a large part of revenue and if you are not careful, would make you lose your wallet. I have started my PPC campaign yesterday. Hope to see some results soon."

Tian Y.

"I really love the end of the part when it shows action step so that people are able to follow easily after all the videos are done. A PPC veteran myself - I didn't know that there's Global Settling limit that caters for all campaign, it will come very handy especially for those who are very new on this so that they knew that the whole PPC is within their budget - will definitely use it for my campaign to have a max cap based on my monthly budget on PPC. Really enjoy how he explains the exact /board/phase term as it's clearly explained. Basic PPC Course that will be easy for new ones to understand how the PPC work at a basic term - even it's basic but there are tricks/tips that useful for a veteran like me as well. good work!"


"First, I think it deserves 5 stars. The modules were very simple but detail specific to help runs very effective campaigns. 2nd, this is a very complete training that took me 2 years to learn on my own. Wow-the time I could have saved. 3rd, thanks for letting me be a part of the review. I learned a lot and cemented things I already knew."

Dennis D.

"Thank you for the opportunity to review your new course. As a fairly novice Amazon seller this course gave me a very good foundation for starting sponsored ads. I am one who has started and failed to produce the results I was hoping for, thus I haven't tried again. With this new information, it should help me to gain better results."

​Travis R.


If you're ready to finally take the step to test your private label product in the most efficient and quickest way possible and get it to start selling consistently, here's what I want you to do.  

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